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Someone once said, “I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life, I ride a bike to add life to my days.”

Cycling has of late become a newfound rage worldwide. Perhaps we owe thanks to the ongoing pandemic and the “work from home lifestyle”, related health issues and lethargy. People have widely begun to accept fad as an alternate option to constrained gyms and boring, stationary health bikes at home. A sure way to staying fit and healthy while having unlimited, liberating fun.

Dubai has always been repeated for giving utmost significance to the health and fitness of the residents here. The numerous dedicated cycle tracks are ample proof. We do have many options to try out. But undoubtedly the 86km long Al Qudra cycling track tops the list of the favourites among the die-hard cycling enthusiasts.

This amazing track offers some breathtaking views of the golden desert stretch, and you are very likely to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife including the deer, fox and the Arabian Oryx. Frequented by world class athletes, novice and leisure riders, this track is also utilised by various cycling clubs. There are good amenities provided for the cyclists, right from the BOTS where the bike trail officially begins. Numerous small pit stops providing the basic amenities and facilities to refresh and recharge the riders are also in place.

Recently, however due to the ever increasing number of eager cyclists and the traffic therein there is an undeniable need for more of such shops and relief stops to cater to their needs. Introducing ‘Circuit Wheelz’ a one-stop cycling club, a much awaited haven for the cycling enthusiast on the Al Qudra track. Located ideally adjacent to the Emirates Equestrian Club, it’s just a few stories away from the Bab Al Shams resort. We are soon becoming a total den for all your cycling woes.

This vantage zone is soon to become a fresh starting point for a new trail, the nearest stop being “The Mosque”. The ample parking space is one of the main attractions. The proximity to the ECC is indeed an added advantage for horsing enthusiasts, or even families+groups who are into leisure cycling, looking for a relaxed but active weekend. This versatile setting will just add this spot to your weekend must-visit spots soon.

For the laine-blue cyclists we offer numerous solutions and facilities.

  • ❖ For starters, we provide various types of rental bikes (specify) to suit all needs at a reasonable pricing.
  • ❖ A (bull-time?) a professional cycle mechanic to provide you reliable service and maintenance for our cycle babies is a relief too.
  • ❖ You can also check out the cycling gears and the parts our shop has to offer.
  • ❖ Finally as a refreshing stop over for starters or for those back from the trail we have right in front of our shop a wonderful cafe with a beautiful view, which is an annexe of the Bab Al Shams resorts.
  • ❖ Neat and fresh restrooms is yet another facility you can await here. On the whole Circuit wheelz is soon going to become the sure spot destination to stop by in the Al Qudra cycling track. Do check in and become a part of our cycling squad. Writing to make your ride easy and extraordinary.

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